Notes on THE LAZARUS EFFECT, Which I Never Finished Watching / by B. Roche

I'm a soft touch for horror movies. I'll watch anything in the genre if it looks like it has a little style, some cinematography and suspense.  I keep checking 'em out even though I'm frequently wrong in my interest.

So of course I watched The Lazarus Effect.

The credit sequence is really cool - close ups of what look like a pig's cells.

The movie is only 83 minutes long.  I like the brevity, but it can be a big tell of aggressive fixing.  As the film begins it clearly has been edited within an inch of its life. It pops from scene to scene with minimal transition.  

However, it features great atmosphere of a sinister science lab. Lots of silence (but for SFX of ventilation) and open space.

Pigs are recurring thing in LE. They're operating on pigs in the beginning.  Donald Glover scares Olivia Wilde with a pig mask.

Dreams. We never have dreams like people have dreams in movies.

Olivia Wilde's dream pictures creepy dolls and fire.

Mark Duplass is the head researcher. He's an unusual choice for a movie like Lazarus Effect. Yet he adds an improvisational energy that grounds his character and the entire research effort.

Duplass' presence affects the whole cast.  The characters' conversations have a loose, realistic edge.  They're talking, not reciting dialogue. That certainly helps.

I shut this off after Olivia Wilde became possessed.  It's not her fault, or Duplass', or Donald Glover, or the pigs, which are very smart animals.