MAD MAX FURY ROAD, reviewing the experience / by THIS, or the Team

BREN: Together with Roche, I saw this movie on June 30, about three years after everyone else had already seen it with their mom, twice. (He'd already seen it.) His interior monologue is included here for everyone's enjoyment and edification.

ROCHE: Just before 4th of July, *Mad Max: Fury Road* played at the forgotten end of the multiplex – literally, The Last Theater On The Left. It had been out for over six weeks by the time Brenna and I saw it together. I had caught it on opening weekend, so I could live with the interval; but I had hoped Brenna and would be able to see *Fury Road* together, and make it our first joint effort team review for this very blog.  

Over the years, meeting up with Brenna for movies has yielded a motley crew of films. We may catch *Dark Knight Rises* or *Social Network* right when it’s out, yet other times all that’s available is *Frank* (a real sleeper that’s grown on me) or *Hot Tub Time Machine 2* (my idea; i thought some schadenfreude would make for a fun movie night; we're all wrong sometimes).

Far from motley, *Mad Max: Fury Road* is best of all worlds as a movie. It’s a genre movie but it has great characters. It has a happy ending but people we love get skinned up bad on the way there. It has a lot to say about the roles men and women play in society, and it’s a visual feast, so dense with detail I could keep writing posts of new things I notice on additional viewings. (i.e. what the Internet has been doing since May.)

The pre-show commercials were in full swing.   First was the one for Coke with the kids having the BEST time buying Coke bottles with their names on them. Maybe there’s someone who really sees himself in that commercial. Personally, I’m not dying to see “Mumbles” on a pop bottle. Also, the girl can organize a street concert at midnight in front of a convenience store at a moment’s notice? She’s wasting her time in the suburbs. She should tweet her resume to the Coachella people.

Bren showed up with some ancient Sweetheart candies as a movie snack (squishy, tasted like a combo of Red Hots and chalk), and we blatantly gabbed through the remaining commercials:  Her work sitch, my work sitch, awesomeness level of our previous weekend, all covered in time for the six (6!) trailers.

BREN: The snackage was definitely lacking, as I had simply discovered the Sweetheart conversation hearts in my purse. Not only did it not thematically pair with the film, it didn't pair well with my flavor receptors. I don't know what has changed since I last enjoyed these as a fourth-grader two decades ago, but it is not change for the better. Thumbs down.

Previews included:
*Ant-Man*: Can’t wait. 
BREN: Yes, I will see this. Not only for Paul Rudd, but also for the enjoyable trainwreck clip. I love seeing Thomas de-railed. That train is the worst.

*The Gallows*: I didn’t do my standard horror trailer joke for Brenna: “Our next movie?” By "standard" I mean there was one other time.  
I love horror movies and she can’t stand them. *The Gallows* is found footage. I don’t really care if a movie is found footage. Trends come and go and last as long as they last, there are good and bad movies within any trend; i.e. I have learned, Springsteen style, to live with what I can’t rise above w.r.t found footage horror. Gallows is from Blumhouse, which has generally steered me right.

BREN: No, thank you. High school theater was scary enough for me as it was.

*Vacation*: Things happen and I have no control over them.
BREN: At first I thought, maybe. Then I thought, yikes. Nope. I'll just watch Christmas Vacation again per usual.

*Transporter* reboot: In Statham’s absence, the new Transporter is apparently Generic Europe Guy No. 3.
BREN: I like to think of this as Transporter Refueled: The Tookening - I've already forgotten what happens.

*Fantastic Four/4*: It passed before my eyes, and I acknowledge this.
BREN: SHRUG. It has potential to not entirely depress me (though it looks like there's just one lady character to keep the story moving). But I didn't see the other version with pre-Captain America Chris Evans; so, even with Michael B. Jordan, I don't think I'll find this on purpose. 

*Terminator*: Genysis or INTERMINABLE: Since this trailer seems to give the whole movie away, I don’t feel bad about never seeing it.
BREN: Yes, Khaleesi, yes, Ah-nold, no to pretty much everything else that's happening there.

There was one last commercial for Coke – the "Movie Move" with the three couples. The teenagers are the best of the group. The boy keeps trying to put his arm around the girl. The girl is a really good actress; you can’t tell how she feels about the situation until just before she takes his arm and puts it around her. And even then, maybe only so they could get back to just watching the movie already.

THEN, SEVERAL MONTHS INTO THE SCREENING, *MAD MAX* BEGAN. Bren pulled out her notebook. Note to self: bring notebook.