Cried and Credulous / by B. Roche

I really enjoyed this movie.  The contrivances innate to the romantic comedy genre seem to have been perfected by Jane Austen.  Misunderstandings, inability to communicate true feelings, last minute clarifications and declarations, it's all here - as an unavoidable offshoot of the British class system.  Maybe that's why so many of the best directors and writers in this genre are from England?  It's beautifully filmed, and makes inconspicuous use of the zoom lens (hard to do!)  Kiera Knightley is effortlessly Knightley-esque.  Matthew McFayden was maybe even more impressive.  It seems that in most movies like this, both halves of the couple start out awesome and we wait for them to get together, but his Mr. Darcy has a stick firmly up his butt when he is introduced.  As Lizzy (not exactly stick-less herself) gets to the contradictions in his personality and his circumstances, we understand him more, and about halfway through I was rooting for them to get together.  The whole cast is great, though.  I knew Rosamund Pike was in the movie, but I had assumed as a rival to Knightley.  The group of sisters were great personality contrasts - I didn't know Jena Malone and Carey Mulligan were in this either.  However, Donald Sutherland gave my favorite performance.  He exudes the necessary, studied apathy of a father of daughters.